Satwa Guna project

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SATWA GUNA PROJECT or ILLUSION OF FORMS started on 2001 represents an ample photographic project that is based on photographic interpretation of the universal concept of diversity in unity.

Over time countless philosophers, anthropologists, writers, spiritual leaders, scholars and researchers from various fields have accredited the fascinating idea of the similarities found between peoples in many forms in which man is shown (faith,tradition, customs, spiritual activities etc.) managed to give birth to a fantastic inner soul searching those who want to materialize this through an art form.

This way, 10 years ago was born the first stage of the project : scientific documentation, anthropological documentation, depth study of comparative religions, historical documentation, geo political study and not at least scholastic study of spiritual practices ,materializing finally in 2001 with the project start that departs from scientific and technical knowledge,sliding towards spiritual imaginative and metaphysics world of nature and human evolution through a sufficiently pure and spontaneous art form, photography. Promising to the future an unchanged visual reality and well documented.

That every night the power went of in the neighborhood was not terrifying for me because things would transform and I was looking, fascinated to all sorts of forms from the shadows lingering on the walls. I would open my eyes and my ears passing through a dark corridor imagining myself with my eyes in the developer tray of my old man. Images with people and moods, emotions and smooth foreheads were printed in negative on the walls, colored laughs emerged from the pitch black. Often I would trip and almost fall from the holes in the decrepit road but I would not take my eyes away from my imagination.
Going upstairs wasn’t a problem anymore, although I counted the steps carefully I would wake up in my imagined world and the noise of my falling. Home awaited the answer to my light fantasies. We had a car battery at home, skillfully acquired, so we had light, warm and mysterious (so was the light back then). I would get upstairs with one thought and one thought only, to see if behind the lab curtain the light was red. The light was on and from behind it I could hear my old man saying “it’s showing, it’s showing” (although I do not remember exactly I think this was my first exclamation when the first of my images was born under my eyes).
The eyes ran between the watch and the paper in the tray, I was so tensed, as if the tray was giving birth to twins and I wasn’t good enough to help it give birth. I don’t know how but the white of the paper lit up the room, small, full of bottles as papers, and made me forget about the rest of the world. Than my curiosity about light, about life, about questions I didn’t even knew about, started burning and turning inside me more and more each day. So ended the developing of those images imagined in every dark corner and shadow, through that white paper that took forms and gathered the words of the people.
Many changed since than and keep changing. I started reading a lot, about photography, answers to my questions, about Asia, about civilizations, forms, illusions, how they lit up inside people’s souls, about beliefs (here it took a long time) they were many and egocentric. For a while I played with my old man’s cameras, but many times I would end up giving up to the technical curiosity, A practiced those which I learned and felt, I found a lot of answers, but that was far from pleasing, even worse, I was drowning in knowledge about myself and those around me. I remembered many worlds imagined on the white paper drawing me to them to knowledge.
So begins for me developing of first real feelings and in depth recognition, of the unity of seen and unseen things and seeing diversity like a fantasy game of christmas lights. I decided to remember dreams and light imagination to follow roads to faraway countries gathered in my soul and free them to find my peace. So started Satwa Guna. A personal journey to the silence of worlds seen and unseen.

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